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Alice & Olivier De Moor

The De Moor wines have become cult natural wine classics, but all down to one reason: they make wine from organic vineyards that they themselves like to drink. Low intervention winemaking with a careful hand lets the terroirs of Chablis, Saint-Bris & Chitry best express themselves via Chardonnay, Sauvignon & Aligoté.

LITTLEWINE visited the De Moors during harvest 2020

"The wine should make you want to drink another glass. It's a simple thing to say, but important."

People:  Alice & Olivier de Moor

Place:  Chablis, France

Varieties:  Chardonnay & Aligoté


Farming:  Organic 

Wines: Click here

Did You Know? Alice and Olivier have also been champions for the lesser-sung neighbouring appellations of Chablis; for varieties such as their Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris in Saint-Bris; and their Aligoté (one vineyard of which was planted in 1902!) They’ve become known as one of the heroes of the latter, which historically has often been neglected and left in the shadow of Chardonnay.

Organics is the baseline here, but they go above and beyond the sole notion of ditching chemicals. Since the beginning, they have planted trees at the vicinities of their vineyards, and are now contemplating interplanting their vineyards with trees. Olivier explains,

“It’s getting hotter and hotter, and we don’t necessarily have the tools to slow down the maturation of the grapes. This year is the first year that we harvested in August. There are two main interests with agroforestry: trees provide shade, of course. But, like with weeds, there is also a transmission that occurs via the mycorrhizal network. Perhaps it’s not 'dialogue' as we know it, but exchanges take place amongst plants this way. In a forest, it’s incredible. You might think there’d be a massive competition between all the plants, but there isn’t. If there’s a little tree amongst the big trees, it will find a way to grow - or it will be helped along by the other trees in some way. As humans, somehow we haven’t been able to understand or grasp this notion.”

"At the start, we had just come out of school. We had learnt the technical way - so we had to unlearn, and we were a bit afraid. You worry that things won’t go the way you want them to. But after a few years, we stopped adding commercial yeast, we stopped fining and we...

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