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Domaine Bobinet

Domaine Bobinet has become one of the most forward-thinking and experimental domaines of the Loire's natural wine scene. From carbonic maceration, to pét-nat, to using every type of vessel imaginable (including concrete hexagons), this is a vinous playground. But make no mistake; the wines are just as serious as they are fun.

"I’m not at all from this world, nor do I have family who come from wine, so I don’t come from a place of knowledge about traditions, norms, etc. When I did my tour around vineyards, I met lots of people who make wine in hugely different ways. If you pose any question to any winemaker who works with low-intervention methods, each time you’ll get an answer which is incredibly different from the previous."

People:  Sébastien Bobinet and Emeline Calvez 

Place:  Saumur, Loire, France

Varieties:  Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc. As well as their own vines, they continue to source small amounts of Gamay, Côt and Pineau D’Aunis

Hectares:  2

Farming:  Organic 

Did You Know? It took Sébastien 30 years as a glass-blower, and Emeline, a career as a dancer and sommelier, to realise that they were destined to be winemakers.

"My methods get better every day. The consequence of that is that I often don’t bother with trying to do the same thing more than once. For example, with a specific cuvée I might think ‘next time I’d look to do that differently;’ but every vintage is different… so you have to adapt your thinking with each vintage, too."

It’s as much about touch and feel as it is having a rigid plan. After all, the vines evolve year by year as much as us humans do. 

"You can’t be too rigid in your approach… you must listen to the grapes. Sébastian and I have to ensure we communicate—while he’s in the vines, I’m with the grapes in the cellar. He has the spirit of a winemaker, and he understands and feels the vibrations."

"The world of wine is an entirely different world to the world of dance—almost like being in a different...

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