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Domaine Partagé — Gilles Berlioz

These natural wines of the Savoie have become some of the most sought-after cuvées from the region. But for Gilles, it's never been about glory, rather teamwork. That's why the domaine was renamed "Domaine Partagé;" to encompass all of their workers. 

"Applying ourselves to this idea of a shared experience at all times is key. And of course, removing the idea that money is the driving force. Of course it’s great, but it’s not everything."

People:  Gilles Berlioz & team

Place:  Savoie, France

Varieties:  Mondeuse, Altesse, Jacquère & Bergeron (aka Roussanne)

Hectares:  7

Farming:  Biodynamic

Did You Know?  They use a pied de cuve as a natural yeast starter, and cut out all use of oak in 2006. Recently, he has moved to fermentation and élevage on fine lees in horizontal fibreglass eggs. No sulfites are used. 

Gilles had inherited his father’s vineyards of Jacquère and Mondeuse vines in 1990. Since the vines weren't enough to live off at the time, he continued his other work on the side. But step by step, little by little, Gilles grew his winery to seven hectares by 1999. However, not fully convinced that expansion was the key to happiness, Gilles scaled back his land to refocus. He says,

“I took a step back, and started working with biodynamics while working with Michel Grisard in 1999. Most of all, this was a step I took in order to improve the way in which we were working with the Earth.”

He read many books on biodynamics, and researched the topic thoroughly. 

"I also did a few internships in Germany and France to learn about biodynamics hands-on. Biodynamics is and should be something very personal; you learn a lot by doing. Beforehand, you have preconceptions about whether it will work, and how. Only on the job do you begin to understand."

"Our client base is becoming so much more diverse. I’d say that nowadays it’s the people who feel much closer to nature who seem to appreciate our wines the most. They gravitate towards these kinds of wines. Working with biodynamics changes...

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