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Jean-Pierre Frick

Jean-Pierre Frick is an icon in the world of natural wine. Based in Alsace, France, he was an early adopter of organic and biodynamic viticulture, and today is well-known for creating wines without sufiltes and styles with maceration. And it doesn't stop at winemaking; he's also quite the philosopher...

“The biodynamic way helps us to rediscover our relationship with time: to become more patient, and to find the balance; the harmony.”

People:  Jean-Pierre, Chantal & Thomas Frick

Place:  Alsace, France

Varieties:  Riesling, Sylvaner, Gewürztraminer, Chasselas, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir

Hectares:  12

Farming:  Biodynamic (Certified with Demeter)

Wines: Click here

Did You Know?  In 2002, he began to experiment with using capsules instead of corks, as these allow for even less oxygen to come into contact with the wine. He feels this helps the no-added-sulfites cuvées to age for even longer. 


When Jean-Pierre started working in the vineyards with his father, he also met a group of farmers when shopping for meat and groceries in the town. Some of these farmers had already begun to study biodynamics twenty years before. They became friends, and one weekday or on a Sunday night, they would study biodynamics together and share what they had learnt from visiting other growers. Eventually, he also took a 10-day course to study the philosophy in-depth, and the estate became biodynamically certified in 1981. He says,

“The organic culture at the time hasn’t really changed compared to what it is now. By replacing synthetic products with non-chemical products - that’s a good step of course, it’s better for the microbiome of the soil and it helps against erosion. But by replacing a bad recipe with a better recipe, you’re still not really involving the person’s thinking. With biodynamics, however, you can live for 100 years and still never have answered the questions it raises. You expand your mind with observations and infinite studies. Human beings aren’t here to follow recipes, we’re here to find new ones, and to implicate ourselves.”

"Historically, cows have had their horns cut off because they’ve been in too small a space, which annoys them so they fight each other and hurt themselves. A plant isn’t an animal, but the apex has the same function as the horn in a sense… If you don’t cut the apex and you don’t cut the horn, there...

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