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Jutta Ambrositsch

A graphic-designer-turned-winemaker, having grown up in a family of foresters, Jutta missed the handcraft of working with the land. This drew her to natural wine. In Vienna's vineyards, she & her husband Marco have the best of both worlds: organic farming in Vienna's vineyards & city life with their Buschenschank.

"Designing my own labels was the hardest graphic design job I ever had. There was so much information. I had no distance from the project—I knew everything about the vineyards."

People:  Jutta Ambrositsch & Marco Kalchbrenner

Place:  Vienna, Austria

Varieties:  Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Blauburger, Merlot, and rarer varieties such as Jubiläumsrebe, Rosenmuskateller, Kahlenberger Weisse and Grüner Silvaner...

Hectares:  4

Farming:  Organic 

Wines: Click here

Did You Know? Jutta approached an elderly winemaker in the 19th district, asking him how best to go about her search for some vines. He rang her four days later, having decided she could lease a small section of one of his own. And so, Jutta’s dream began to lay roots with a 2500sqm parcel of Riesling in the Reisenberg vineyard.

Jutta and Marco manage a Buschenschank, where they serve cold food and their wines. It’s simple, artisanal and organically farmed cold food – mangaliza pork and boudin noir from a local butcher friend, vegetables from Vienna, and buffalo and goat cheese. Jutta has been a vegetarian for 30 years, so there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options too. Jutta says,

“It’s a very simple and pure form of gastronomy. I opened it in 2006, when I was releasing my first vintage of Riesling – 650 litres of the 2004 vintage, and had no idea where to sell it. It’s a great family place. Over the years, the clients have become friends, and many of the guests work in gastronomy.”

"Every single day I walked through the vines with my dog. Working organically is the only way to feel good in the vineyard. I don’t want to get sick, or to make anyone else sick. If you treat the vineyards wrong...

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