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La Del Terreno

In Bullas, Murcia, Spain, Julia Casado farms 50+-year-old vines; predominantly Monastrell (Mourvèdre), but also the white varieties Macabeo, Moscatelo and the very rare Valentí. She works according to regenerative agriculture practices and makes minimal intervention wines with no additions save for sulfites.

"I had started to drink natural wines and to learn about the philosophies of those winemakers. Before, at university, we had always drunk technical wines. More and more, I felt that just wasn’t my thing."

People:  Julia Casado

Place:  Bullas, Murcia, Spain

Varieties:  Monastrell (Mourvèdre), Macabeo, Moscatelo and the very rare Valentí

Hectares:  3.5 

Farming:  Organic — Regenerative Agriculture

Did You Know? Her vineyard is located in a national park. Due to being in a protected area—resulting in the use of chemicals in agriculture being prohibited—it hasn’t seen any chemicals for over 20 years. 

 This year, Julia has moved to the border of Andalusia, to live in a community with other environmentally motivated young people who are working towards regenerative agriculture in their various sectors. Amongst them are an artisan beekeeper, a carpenter, a metalsmith, a rare breed cattle farmer and a herbalist. The plan is for them to collaborate and plant a vineyard together on the land.

“I only arrived three months ago, and we still need more time to sit down and work on the idea, but the idea is to plant Garnacha Fina, Garnacha Gris, Cariñena and Monastrell there, as well as other indigenous lesser-known white varieties. Then, we’d make experimental wines with students—to try to recover traditional ways to make the wines of the area. We can see from archaeological remains in amphorae that white wine was a tradition here too for example, but today that’s almost unknown.”

"In Cuba, my feelings about music and about agriculture changed. That was the year I...

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