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Marie Courtin

Drinking a Marie Courtin Champagne is like finding a nugget of amber on the shore of mass-produced Champagne. 

These bottles are the children of Dominique Moreau, who named the domaine after her great-grandmother. Marie was a woman who was “very close to the earth,” who farmed the family’s land alone with a horse during the First World War, when the men were away to fight.

It is clear that these traits of bravery and determination have been passed down to Dominique. Under her watch, a small plot of just 2.5 hectares has become iconic — but never through trying to make a brand or to create something fancy. Rather, this is true Champagne of Nature —  these are bottles that bring you close to the earth. 

"Plants are alive. And just like us, they communicate. They speak."

People:  Dominique Moreau

Place:  Côte des Bar

Varieties:  Pinot Noir, with some Chardonnay, as well as Pinot Blanc, Arbane and Petit Meslier

Hectares:  2.5 

Farming:  Biodynamics & Homeopathy

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Did You Know? Her connection to nature and plants began many years ago. When she was was 30, she met a homeopath. Since then, she has treated herself and her three children according to homeopathic methods. A few years ago, she began dwelling on what her knowledge of homeopathy might be able to bring to the vines, and she began to treat one section of her vineyard with treatments every week. 

Since the beginning, Dominique has strived every year to capture the essence of the vintage in a bottle.  She has become particularly renowned for her cuvée Indulgence — a deep-coloured rosé that is more bronze than it is salmon. It is foot stomped, then macerated for three days. It is a nod to the history of rosé Champagne produced with maceration in the region, but that’s not its only purpose:

“If you’re looking for a certain taste, you can’t have a clear rosé. With Indulgence, we look for something different, and we wanted to save the tradition of the darker rosé Champagne of the region.” 

Its name couldn’t be more fitting: this is a gourmet, voluptuous wine. Dominique smiles,

“Yes. It’s fleshier. I also think you get more of the essence of the person in the wine when they’re made with foot stomping—there’s a personal, physical contact.”

"Honestly, I’m tired about what’s happening in the world—to our planet. There are so many things in nature that speak to us—that show us truth, if you’re interested and willing to look. Why has humankind...

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