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Renaud Boyer

Tucked away in Meursault, Burgundy, Renaud Boyer does things differently. He farms his vineyards organically, having taken them over from his uncle, Thierry Guyot; one of the original biodynamic vignerons of the region. Having made wines without sulfites since 2008, Renaud makes wine how he wants to: this isn't about fitting into a certain mould.

"You know, at the end of the day, I just like to share my wines with people who share the same philosophies. It’s that simple."

People:  Renaud Boyer

Place:  Côte de Beaune, Burgundy 

Varieties:  Chardonnay and Pinot Noir


Farming:  Organic 

Did You Know? Pierre Overnoy, legendary winemaker from the Jura, once told Renaud that the time spent ageing in the tank or barrel must be matched by time ageing in the bottle.

Renaud rents his vineyards from his cousin’s family. Before he took them over, they belonged to his uncle Thierry Guyot, who was one of the pioneers of organic and biodynamic farming in the region together with Dominique Derain. As such, he has the fortune of tending vines that haven’t seen chemicals since 1986. He manages them organically, saying,

"When your vineyard is already organic and has been for so long, you don’t necessarily need to work biodynamically. I do think about it, but it's expensive and I can’t really afford to hire more people at the moment." 

Working biodynamically can be costly and time consuming, hence it would require more manpower than Renaud can handle on his own. In addition, he is of a numerical mindset. He explains,

"Before I made wine, I was a mechanical engineer. And biodynamics... well, it’s not exactly technical. Plus, there are biodynamic wines out there that aren’t so good, too." 

"Wine professionals say that you have to add stuff to wine. But the moral of the story is that...

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