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In the agricultural region of Württemberg in Germany, Hannes & Olympia farm Lemberger (Blaufränkisch), Pinot Noir and Riesling according to biodynamic and regenerative practices. Their wines are made with artisan methods—a basket press and their feet—and have become some of the most exciting natural wines in Germany.

"We began with grandpa’s tractor. In the cellar, we had no pump—just buckets."

People:  Hannes Hoffman & Olympia Samara

Place:  Württemberg, Germany

Varieties:  Riesling, Pinot Noir & Lemberger (Blaufränkisch)

Hectares:  2

Farming:  Biodynamic

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Did You Know? While studying at Geisenheim, Hannes met Olympia, and the two set off to travel and do winemaking internships in France, Italy and Austria, with natural winemakers such as Claus Preisinger and Dorli Muhr

From the start, they’ve worked biodynamically: 

“There was never any discussion; we both knew. We’d worked in large industrial wineries and in small biodynamic wineries. The latter was simply common sense for us, and now we’re seeing a small movement in the region.” 

These days, they also consult for other winemakers who’d like to work with biodynamics, although that’s not always easy. Olympia notes, “you quickly realise who really wants to work that way, and who wants to do it for marketing.”

By hand, they spray sulphur and copper blended with teas every six to 10 days:

“By spraying small amounts frequently, it’s like refreshing your suncream. If it’s not there at all, it doesn’t work. Every week we make around 100 litres of tea, with plants according to the season - nettle, chamomile, yarrow and sometimes fennel. It also depends on what the garden gives us. And before harvest, it’s horsetail.”

"It’s quite simple, really. We don’t crush, don’t do pumpers or punchdowns, and we just use our hands to...

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