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Weingut Odinstal

Weingut Odinstal is a gem tucked-away up in the clouds of the Pfalz. Situated at 350m altitude in a region where winegrowing usually stops at 200m, Odinstal – under head winemaker Andreas Schumann – is an elevated island; a miracle terrain situated next to a volcano.

"If your farm is healthy, you don’t need input from the outside. It’s the yeasts of each vintage which tell the story of that year. If it is sick, and I have the medicine on my farm, I’d sooner try that out. That’s the first point of call."

People:  Andreas Schumann

Place:  Pfalz, Germany 

Varieties:  Riesling, Silvaner, Pinot Blanc, Auxerrois and Gewürztraminer

Hectares:  17, 5.5 of which are planted to vines 

Farming:  Biodynamic

Did You Know?  They add some whole bunches to their fermentations – not to create orange wines, Andreas explains — but with the idea to increase the tannin structure of their whites:

“It’s roughly 10% of whole bunches that we put into the stainless steel tanks. Now, we have wines where we substitute acidity with a tannin structure which comes from the vineyards, and not from oak barrels that we buy from somewhere else in the world which don’t belong to the vineyard.”

“I grew up with Riesling. It has excellent capacity for terroir expression—if you let it. For me, Riesling is the variety - and also for Pfalz - and I think it has the greatest potential here.” 

Andreas continues,

“We just had the first complete cellar tasting for this year just yesterday and I was so blown away; so happy with the Riesling from ‘19 and ‘20. I’m so happy to be able to grow Riesling in such a special place, where you can see such a marked difference even with just a slight slope. The vineyards are next to each other, but you get such different wines which are so interesting and inspiring.”

"For me, it’s a matter of farming individuality. Sometimes it takes longer with natural yeasts, but I think if you want to have authenticity in the wines, then you simply cannot use commercial yeasts, because it is the yeasts of each vintage that translate the climate and the particularities of each year. Commercial yeasts can and never will be...

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