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Domaine Binner

Christian ​is a visionary in a region that hasn’t always made it easy for visionaries. He’s a humble, thoughtful character. On arriving at his winery, his simple exclamation of, “thank you for coming and for liking my wines!” is heart-warming. Words of kindness go a long way. His father had been one of the only organic growers in the region, and today this means that his soils have been healthy for decades. Christian himself converted to biodynamic viticulture in 2003. He says,

“Biodynamics gives balance – to feel when plants are more sensitive – or when they’re not. Everything which is alive has a vibration and communicates with other alive beings. Animals, trees, the soil, the people working in the vineyard – they’re all in communication with one another. A machine cannot communicate.”

He creates soulful, expressive wines, both from single vineyards and single varieties, as well as blends, according to how he feels the site will best express itself in the glass. There are no rules here bar one: he always respects the vintage and adapts his vinification practices accordingly to allow the conditions of the year to shine.

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