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Domaine des Cavarodes

Etienne Thiebaud is the kind of person who looks as if he has been sculpted in a mythical parallel universe and somehow ended up on Planet Earth by mistake. Tall and sinewy, with model-like bone structure and dreadlocks down past his waist, he looks like a merman farmer. If we bumped into him on the street, we’d think we perhaps recognised him from our yoga class or a music festival we went to in the summer.

But he is not a yoga teacher or a DJ. He's a farmer, based in a sleepy village in the Jura, where he is creating some of the most sought-after naturally made wines in the world. From learning how to make wine in Burgundy, to working for the iconic Domaine de la Tournelle, Etienne set up his own winery in 2008, and has since been collecting new vineyards as he goes, and learning how to best express his parcels with every vintage.

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