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Domaine Uchida

Osamu Uchida is the grandson of a farmer and the son of a grocery shop owner in Hiroshima. His father had sold artisanal wines, beers and ciders, and he remembers running his hands over the bottles as a kid. That stuck with him, and with agriculture in his blood, he knew he wanted to do something within the farming realm. He moved to France to figure out what that should be, and found a homestay at a winery. This was many years before the terminology of ‘natural wine’ arose, but Osamu realised that this winemaker’s ancestral practices created something that was beautiful in its simplicity. He was hooked, and began travelling all over to learn more about winemaking.

When it came to setting up his own domaine, everyone told Osamu to avoid Bordeaux - in particular Médoc - because it was too expensive and unwelcoming to foreigners. Instead, they said, he could set up a winery in the south, where land was cheaper and people were friendlier.

He ignored that advice, following his heart instead, and managed to find a vineyard of just 0.6 hectares which he could rent. From those 0.6 hectares he creates meticulous and pure wines with Japanese soul. These are wines that are about minimalism, not grandeur. Osamu compares them to a French baguette: artisanal, but meticulously made.

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