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Fedellos do Couto

Many describe the Ribeira Sacra as being home to "impossibly" steep slopes, but it’s clear that nothing is impossible for Fedellos do Couto. Rather, their boy-ish charm tells us that it is somewhat an act of rebellion for them to take on the steep, partially abandoned vines of the Ribeira Sacra with such fervour. 

You might know the Ribeira Sacra from the easily recognisable images of the ‘Golden Mile’; a glorious stretch of terraced vines which, comparatively, have been well conserved. But that’s just not Fedellos do Couto’s jam. Instead, by embracing the challenging nature of old and neglected vines, the trio has rescued a struggling area and turned it into one of the region’s most exciting young projects.

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As Xaras - 2019

As Xaras 2019

Conasbrancas - 2019

Conasbrancas 2019

Lomba dos Ares 2017 — Field Blend Wine LITTLEWINE

Lomba dos Ares 2018 — Field Blend

Testoiro 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE

Testoiro 2019

Bastarda - 2019

Bastarda 2019

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