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Le Casot des Mailloles

It takes something special for a legendary winemaker to decide you’re 'The One' to take on their vineyards when they retire. 

Alain Castez & Ghislaine Magnier could sense that young Jordi Perez had that something special, and entrusted their beloved Le Casot des Mailloles to him.

Legends don't continue without those who perpetuate the legacy

Under his watch and hard graft, the domaine has gone from strength to strength, and he has introduced a new vineyard to the stable in (almost) unchartered territories. 

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El Niño - 2018

El Niño 2018

Blanc du Casot - 2018

Blanc du Casot 2018

Soula - 2018

Soula 2018

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