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Sulphur dioxide is added to the majority of wines. It’s a preservative & wards off unwanted bacteria and yeast. In large quantities, it can have adverse effects, such as causing headaches. If this is something that affects you, we have created this section, where all the wines sit below 40mg/L. To put that in perspective, conventional white wines may contain 200mg/L. If you have a severe sulphite allergy, please avoid wine altogether.

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Munjebel Rosso FM 2017 — Nerello Mascalese Wine LITTLEWINE

Munjebel Rosso FM 2017 — Nerello Mascalese

Munjebel Rosso PA 2017 Wine LITTLEWINE

Munjebel Rosso PA 2017 — Nerello Mascalese

Schiller 2015 Wine LITTLEWINE

Schiller 2015 — Pinot Noir & Fendant

Vagabond 2015 Wine LITTLEWINE

Vagabond 2015 — Pinot Noir

Imago 2009 Wine LITTLEWINE

Imago 2009 — Pinot Noir

Disobedience 2015 Wine LITTLEWINE

Disobedience 2013 — Fendant

Corvus 2016 Wine LITTLEWINE

Corvus 2016 — Red Blend

Rozsa Petsovits 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE

Rózsa Petsovits 2019 — Dark Rosé

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Beaujolais-Villages Marylou 2018 — Gamay - littlewine-store.

Beaujolais-Villages Marylou 2018 — Gamay

Out of Stock
Sassaia 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

Sassaia 2019 — Garganega & Trebbiano

Out of Stock
Blaufränkisch Kalkstein 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

Kalkstein 2019 — Blaufränkisch

Out of Stock
Bourgueil Avis de Vin Fort 2019 — Cabernet Franc Wine LITTLEWINE

Bourgueil Avis de Vin Fort 2020 — Cabernet Franc

Out of Stock
Summertown Blanc 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE Wine

Summertown Blanc 2019 — Sauvignon Blanc

Out of Stock
Régnié 2015 — Gamay - littlewine-store.

Régnié 2015 — Gamay

Out of Stock
Táganan Blanco 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE

Táganan Blanco 2019 — White Blend

Out of Stock
Benje Blanco 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE

Benje Blanco 2018 — Palomino

Out of Stock
Pét Nat Volume 2 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE

Pét Nat Volume 2 2019 — Grüner Veltliner & Muscadet

Out of Stock
Arbois Poulsard de Chemenot 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

Arbois Chemenot 2018 — Poulsard

Out of Stock

O Trancado 2017 — Garnacha Tintorera & Mencía

Out of Stock
El Bandito Cortez 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

El Bandito Cortez 2018 — Chenin Blanc

Out of Stock
La Perdida White LITTLEWINE

A Chaira 2017 — Doña Branca

Out of Stock
Pinot Gris 'V' Pur Vin Macération 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

Pur Vin Macération 'V' 2018 — Pinot Gris

Out of Stock
Arbois 'Guille-Bouton' Chardonnay 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

Arbois 'Guille-Bouton' 2018 — Chardonnay

Out of Stock
Arbois Trousseau de Messagelin 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

Arbois de Messagelin 2018 — Trousseau

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