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Many people ask us why they get hangovers. While we wish we could pull a zero-hangover bottle out of our magic hat, unfortunately that does not exist. However, the major factor in hangovers is simple: alcohol. If you drink a bottle of 15% wine, you will have a much greater hangover than if you drink a bottle of 11.5% wine. Thus, we have created this category of wines that are 11.5% & lower. They're the ideal picnic wines or wines to guarantee you won't have quite such a foggy head the next morning (that is, if you drink them in moderation...)

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Beaujolais-Villages Marylou 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

Beaujolais-Villages Marylou 2018 — Gamay

Chasselas Sans Soufre 2017 Wine Littlewine-store

Sans Soufre 2017 — Chasselas

Hollenburger Grüner Veltliner NV Wine Littlewine-store

Hollenburger NV — Grüner Veltliner

Kalkspitz NV Wine Littlewine-store

Pét Nat Kalkspitz — Grüner Veltliner & Zweigelt

Rennersistas — Superglitzer 2019

Superglitzer 2018 — Red Blend

Benje Blanco 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE

Benje Blanco 2018 — Palomino

Wiener Rakete 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE

Wiener Rakete 2019 — Field Blend

Rosé Rurale NV Wine Littlewine-store

Pét Nat Rosé Rurale — Zweigelt & St. Laurent

Ancestral 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

Ancestral 2018 — St. Laurent

El Bandito Cortez 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

El Bandito Cortez 2018 — Chenin Blanc

El Bandito 2018 Wine Littlewine-store

El Bandito Skins 2018 — Chenin Blanc

Bonsai 2019 — Blaufränkisch Wine LITTLEWINE

Bonsai 2019 — Blaufränkisch

Brutal Rouge 2019 — Syrah & Muscat Wine LITTLEWINE

Brutal Rouge 2019 — Syrah & Muscat

Susucaru Rosato 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE

Susucaru Rosato 2019

Palo Blanco 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE

Palo Blanco 2018 — Palomino

Alexandria 2019 — Muscat Wine LITTLEWINE

Alexandria 2019 — Muscat

Kalkreich NV Wine Littlewine-store

Kalkreich NV — Pinot Blanc

Grüner Veltliner Pot des Fleurs 2014 Wine Littlewine-store

Pot des Fleurs 2014 — Grüner Veltliner

I Wish I Was A Ninja 2019 Wine Littlewine-store

I Wish I Was A Ninja 2019 — Colombard

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Rennersistas — Intergalactic 2019

Intergalactic 2019 — White Field Blend

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