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Milan Nestarec

Milan works across 12 different plots all situated around his home village 'Velké Bilovice in the Southern part of Moravia. His approach in the vineyards has always been 'normal' which to his terms means not using any herbicide, pesticide, industrial or systemic fertilisers and focusing on a healthy eco-system which allows for a balanced flora and fauna. By definition, Milan does not have a vineyard or winemaking recipe hence each year will see a different take on how to vinify and age his wines. His colourful labels tend to be released at an earlier stage and come from younger vines while his 'old vines' are characterized by the more serious minimalistic labels.

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I Am Not A Big Wine - 2017

I Am Not A Big Wine 2017

Gin Tonic - 2016

Sauvignon Blanc 'Gin Tonic' 2017

Youngster Rosé - 2020

Youngster Rosé 2020

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Hakuna Matata - 2018

Hakuna Matata 2017

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TRBLMKR - 2017


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Miky-Maus - 2017

Miky-Maus 2017

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Juicy Fruit - 2017

Juicy Fruit 2017

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