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When Sébastien took over the farming of his vineyards from his father, he had a moment of sudden clarity. He realised that around 80% of the chemicals produced for viticulture were made by the same three giant companies. This didn’t sit well with him-more than that, it made him feel deeply uneasy. It was capitalism in the worst sense of the word. This led him to discover Terre et Humanisme, an agroecological charity founded by Pierre Rabhi, which works to help farmers become independent from the big agrochemical companies.

As someone with libertarian thinking, he wanted to break free himself and wanted others to do the same. By working with the charity in Africa for three months, he realised he wanted to somehow be able to support in the long term, and thus he donates 1% of annual profits to their work.

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L'Incandescant Wine LITTLEWINE

Champagne L'Incandescant — Pinot Noir

Champagne L’Angelique 2011 — Chardonnay - littlewine-store.

Champagne L’Angelique 2011 — Chardonnay

L’Ineffable 2012 Wine LITTLEWINE

Champagne L’Ineffable 2012 — Pinot Noir

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