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Patrick Sullivan

By the time he was 22, Patrick had worked several stints in vineyards and wine shops (including 18 months on the floor at London’s Selfridges), commenced a degree in winemaking - which he promptly changed to viticulture, and even studied actuarial science for a while. ⁣

When he was 24, thanks to a government tax rebate scheme for small winemakers, he set up his own brand on a shoestring budget. Shortly after, he developed an international reputation for making unprecedented bottles of fun: with naturally fluorescent colours, blended from grape varieties that traditionalists would say “aren’t meant to be blended together.”

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Baw Baw Shire Rain 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE

RAIN Baw Baw Shire 2019 — Cabernet Franc & Pinot Gris

Ada River 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE

Ada River 2019 — Chardonnay

Jumpin’ Juice Gee Dub Semillon 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE

Jumpin’ Juice Gee Dub 2019 — Sémillon

Out of Stock
Jumpin’ Juice Half Full Red 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE

Jumpin’ Juice Half Full Red 2019

Out of Stock
Waterskin 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE

Baw Baw Shire Waterskin 2018

Out of Stock

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