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When you think of great German wines, your mind is likely to drift to the Rieslings born from the steep terraces of the Mosel, or the iconic eisweins of the Nahe.  But there’s an underdog: the wines of the Württemberg. This is green Germany; rolling hills and agricultural machinery abundant, this has traditionally been a region of mixed agriculture. As such, vines were almost never the focus point of a farm, rather an extra element on the side. 

This was the case for Hannes Hoffman’s grandparents. But when it came to Hannes’ generation, there was a renewed love for viticulture in the air, and this coincided with another love: meeting his Greek partner, Οlympia Samara. Without winemaker parents, and from a region without preconceived notions of what a Württemberg wine should be, the creative minds of Hannes & Olympia were unleashed. Their cellar became an art studio for uncovering Württemberg’s potential.

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