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Saskia van der Horst

​Sometimes, your gut instinct tells you that you must pursue a certain path in life, but how often are we brave enough to actually take the plunge? ⁣
Saskia van der Horst is one of the people that was - without any money behind her. Initially from Paris, her dream was to work in analog photography, which eventually took her to London. In a struggling industry, she was introduced to the hospitality world through her brother. This is where she fell in love with wine. ⁣
​After visiting her parents in the south of France (in her newfound wine mindset) there was something about the vast landscape and old vines of the Roussillon that kept tugging at her heartstrings. It was enough to eventually persuade her to jump on a plane and fly back to France, to study winemaking in Beaune and to set up her own domaine, assisted by a French agricultural grant which helps young farmers.⁣
​Today, she works across 4.5 hectares of old vines in the Roussillon, tending them biodynamically and working towards a future of agroforestry and polyculture. 

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