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Franz and Christine Strohmeier say it takes a special place to make a special wine. Their part of Styria gives them a pot of metaphorical luck. In the old days, it was cold and difficult to grow grapes organically here, but these days more sunlight provides optimal growing conditions. The Adriatic influence meets the cold mountain air, meaning any humidity from the high rainfall is dispersed. All of these special qualities give Franz and Christine the perfect, healthy grape material to turn artistically into wine. It is their belief and trust in nature’s rhythms that have led them to create some of the most compelling naturally-made wines. These are bottles to lose yourself in.

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Cat Silver No.1  - 2019

Cat Silver No.1 2019

TLZ Weiss No. 8 - NV

TLZ Weiss No. 8 NV

TLZ Karmin No.8 - NV

TLZ Karmin No.8 NV

TLZ Sonne No.7 - NV

TLZ Sonne No.7 NV

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