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You might think two Germans starting their own wine project would have met on home soil, but in fact they met and conjured up the notion of Wasenhaus while living on the hallowed ground of Burgundy. Alexander Götze, a landscaper-turned-winemaker, and Christoph Wolber, who’d decided that viticulture was the most exciting form of agriculture, had each found their own way to Meursault. There, they would become united in a new mission: to see if they could create some Burgundian-inspired magic of their own, in Germany.

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Gutedel - 2019

Gutedel 2019

Grand Ordinaire - 2020

Grand Ordinaire 2020

Weissburgunder - 2018

Weissburgunder 2018

Chardonnay Filzen - 2018

Chardonnay Filzen 2018

Bellen - 2018

Bellen 2018

Möhlin - 2018

Möhlin 2018

Kanzel - 2018

Kanzel 2018

Möhlin - 2018

Möhlin 2018

Vulkan - 2018

Vulkan 2018

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