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Photographers & Filmmakers

At LITTLEWINE, we don't simply take pictures — we frame them with the right story and context.


On our mission to make wine a little bit more fun, accessible and sustainable, we're constantly keen to connect, engage and collaborate with the most talented creative professionals. Whether you are a passionate photographer, filmmaker, drone stunt flyer or freestyle podcaster — both at hobby and professional level — if you dig what we do and would like to get involved, please say 'Hi' at:


At LITTLEWINE, we share words of power. Sometimes they're quiet, sometimes they're loud.


Because it takes many of us to share all the words that are yet to be said on the topics of wine, farming and sustainability, we're always excited to connect with like-minded writers across domaines. Whether you're a wine-hooked journalist or a painter philosophising on the common grounds between a blank canvas and an empty barrel, we'd love to hear from you:


If you're a winemaker sharing our interest for sustainable farming, we're fans of yours already!


We're constantly in quest of people like yourself and love to share your story, motivations and insights with our curious crowd of wine lovers and professionals. Unless you want to meet us over a glass of wine in person, please drop us a message to connect:


In order to spread our mission a little further than our office walls, we greatly depend on support from you. We're always keen to share our story and beliefs with a curious and diverse audience to raise awareness for the topics of sustainable farming and winemaking. If you work in the press, why don't you drop us a line on:

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