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Who are We?

The idea for LITTLEWINE was born in early 2019. Daniela, a wine importer, had long dreamed of curating an online e-commerce platform where content wasn't simply a by-product of selling wine. Christina, a journalist, had long dreamed of being a full-time writer, and so together the two imagined a place where you could learn about wine, while virtually meeting the people whose wines you drink. That place became reality in LITTLEWINE.

Tune In & Get To Know Us

Daniela Pillhofer

Daniela Pillhofer

Daniela heads the strategic and operational direction of LITTLEWINE to bring wine content and commerce together seamlessly.

Born and raised in Austria, Daniela moved to London for her university studies. Already at school, she had developed a vast curiosity for entrepreneurship and took the plunge to co-found her first business. This venture grew from a fun project to a strong team supplying some of the most celebrated Central European wines to restaurants across the UK.

Ironically, Daniela has never taken any formal wine education. She recalls;

“It was challenging to get into wine. Reflecting back, I had my first glasses of wine purely because I enjoyed the taste and it reminded me of home – sharing a glass of wine over dinner with the family – it was nostalgic. However, it was also intimidating to think about wine... I had this feeling that I was not supposed to talk about wine because I do not have any wine education – how would I know what is right and wrong? And then, having more and more personal conversations with winemakers taught me that there is no right or wrong in wine. Wine opinions are personal truths and as long as we can taste, we should celebrate our individual taste.”

At LITTLEWINE, Daniela envisions to bring winemakers and consumers across all levels closer together and consequently, encourage more people to discover and express their distinct taste.

“Today, we do not need to jump on a plane to see a place or listen to the story behind a bottle. I strongly believe that the use of technology can bridge gaps that have existed in the wine industry for a long time. At LITTLEWINE, we want to use technology to add transparency to an immensely complex product and highlight the people who deserve more attention – the farmers who work their land responsibly.”

Christina Rasmussen

Christina Rasmussen

As Head of Content, Christina writes the in-house LITTLEWINE articles and features, and produces and directs the LITTLEWINE films.

Christina Rasmussen, a Dane born and raised in the UK, has been writing since she first figured out how to hold a pen. She studied French literature and language at Exeter University, which led her to move to Burgundy and later to Paris. It was in Beaune, while studying the differences in the soils across the Côte d'Or and marvelling at the notion of terroir, that her flame for wine was ignited. 

After graduating from university, she embarked upon a career in wine consultancy, while taking her WSET wine exams. However, her love of writing kept ebbing in her mind, and as her confidence in her wine knowledge grew, she began to write as a freelancer. 

When the opportunity arose to co-found LITTLEWINE, she agreed straightaway. At the company, she manages all of the content and curates the bottle shop, listing wines from growers that inspire her and represent the ethos of LITTLEWINE. 

"I consider it an honour to be allowed to peek into the minds of such dedicated and talented farmers and winemakers. By sharing their work, stories and emotions with people across the world, I hope to spread these seeds of inspiration." 

When it comes to writing to educate and inform, her goal is to make it a little more fun, visual and environmentally focused.

"Most people want to learn about wine because they find it interesting, or perhaps because they want to make drinking choices that are kinder to the environment. They probably don't want a job in wine! This inspired me to try to create content that was more visual, and less "textbook". Learning about wine shouldn't be like going back to uni; it should be more like watching David Attenborough on TV!" 

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