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What Do We Stand By?

At LITTLEWINE, we believe that wine can serve as a tool to bring people together and change the world for the better. Our mission is bold: We want to make wine more fun, accessible and sustainable. To achieve this aspiration, our strategy centres around working together, consuming sustainably and giving back to the planet and communities. Six core values guide our young company culture and serve as an integral part when it comes to deciding who we work with, how we work together and why we do what we do. 




We are as diverse as the global basket of grape varieties. We celebrate individual taste, preferences and personalities. We welcome opinions and beliefs, and encourage conversation. We unite with our mission: "Making wine a little bit more fun, accessible and sustainable."


We understand that the actions we take today affect the way we live and breathe beyond tomorrow. Each day, each of us makes 35,000+ decisions and we do so with close attention to the far-reaching consequences that our decisions entail. We are in it for  the long-run.


We enjoy a good challenge. Risks and uncertainty are part of the world that we operate in, but they do not restrain us from approaching every day with a high level of optimism and open dialogue to change our environment for the better.


We approach the world with an open mind and are thirsty for knowledge and unfamiliar territories. For us, curiosity means that we actively seek and pursue new opportunities that allow us to extend our responsibilities, grow as a team and explore the world from different perspectives.


We are an entire vine, not a single berry. Each of us may have a different shape, but we rarely hang on our own. We embrace the complementarity of skills, personalities and interests, to attain results that reach beyond our limits as individuals.

No Bullshit. But Fun.

We carefully listen to the people who surround us to create real value that our customers, farmers and the environment deeply care about. While doing so, fun doesn't come up short: We don't take ourselves too seriously - the world of wine is serious enough already.

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