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Meet Your Wines

Olla Blanc 2019

By Tom Lubbe of Domaine Matassa | Roussillon, France

What's it Like?

A wine that ticks every box for us. Thirstquenching, moreish, flavourful, delicious. Wonder whether you’ll like orange wine? This is your ABC Starter Pack - a floral delight that will elicit smiles, joy and dancing. Think citrus, orange zests and a splash of the French riviera. 

What's in it?

Tom has dedicated his life to reviving the beautiful old vineyards of the Roussillon. This is a blend of organically farmed old-vine Muscat and Macabeu; the Muscat gives the floral blossom-like aromas, and the Macabeu gives the acid backbone and a mineral crunch.

How's it Made?

The whole bunches of grapes (stems & all) underwent 'carbonic maceration' for one week (meaning the grapes undergo intercellular fermentation, which gives a silky texture and fresh fruit aromas). The fermentation occurred naturally, and the wine was aged in tanks and large oak barrels. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Meet Tom

Autrement Rouge 2016

By Marie & Florian Curtet of Domaine Curtet | Savoie, France

What's it Like?

This is a wood nymph in vinous form. The vines are nestled against a forest, so perhaps it's not so surprising that it takes after them. With pine sap, fresh earth and wild berry scents, this is like a hike. Its heady perfume might be intoxicating, but at only 12.5%, you don't have to worry too much about the festive hangover tomorrow.

What's in it?

This is a blend of the three classic red grape varieties of the Savoie: Gamay (80%), Pinot Noir (10%) and Mondeuse (10%), planted on sandstone soils. Fun fact about Mondeuse: this lesser-known, low-alcohol & distinctly peppery variety is actually the grandparent of Syrah! Grapes have family trees too, you know...

How's it Made?

Every week, the Curtet duo climb the equivalent of Mont Blanc when working these slopes. Once hand harvested, the whole bunches were put together in a tank for "infusion" style maceration (think of it like tea - very gentle winemaking). This means it's more elegant & less tannic in style. Bottled after nine months' ageing.

Meet the Curtets

Bonsai 2019

By Claus Preisinger | Burgenland, Austria

What's it Like?

A wine that is changing the game for Blaufränkisch forever. You may know Blaufränkisch as a dark, spicy, full-bodied red wine. Yet, this wine turns the world of Blaufränkisch upside down. It's a translucent wine that is packed with character and salty notes. Pinot Noir lovers may have just discovered their favourite Blaufränkisch ever to be made!

What's in it?

The grapes for this wine stem from tiny vines that remind Claus of 'Bonsai' trees, hence the name. Claus decided to plant the vineyard in this way to see if the Blaufränkisch vines would respond to high density planting in the same way that Pinot in Burgundy has. What's more, it could help combat the effects of global warming as the roots plunge deeper to find more water.

How's it Made?

This is a very light red wine, as Claus wants to focus on purity and freshness for this cuvée. It fermented naturally with whole bunches (also carbonic maceration style, like the Olla Blanc) for just three days. After pressing, the wine ages in Austrian foudres for six months, before being bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Meet Claus

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