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Blanc de Noirs NV


A Wine That

brings giddy excitement to everybody that drinks it, and a wine that demonstrates it's possible to produce not just good wine, but excellent wine in Wales! Think redcurrant and fresh raspberry juice with a twist of lemon and lime. Saline, fresh and full of complexity, this leaves you with the taste of fresh croissant dough and shortbread biscuits. A real showstopper and guaranteed to bring a sense of awe to any party.

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  • Winemaker: Ancre Hill
Blanc de Noirs - NV















Pinot Noir

Where and How?

This comes from biodynamically farmed Pinot Noir vineyards in Monmouthshire, Wales. They make their own biodynamic prreparations, and also use raw milk from a local farmer to combat mildew pressure.
The grapes were whole bunch pressed on a very slow press cycle, giving texture to the juice. The wine then naturally fermented in barrels, concrete eggs and stainless steel. The base wine then aged for a minimum of four years on the lees, after which it underwent a second Champagne-style fermentation in the bottle, without additional sugar (known as dosage), hence this is a 'brut nature.'

The Winemaker: Ancre Hill

Ancre Hill, a winery and vineyard in Monmouthshire, Wales, changed the name of the game for British wine. British wine is often compared to Champagne, as the sparkling wines are typically made from the same varieties. We try not to compare too much, as each country has its own identity, but it's important to note that Ancre Hill reflects the core values of the grower Champagne movement: care for the land, and artisan winemaking. Not only are they farming with love for the earth — biodynamically (foraging for their own preps and using local milk to combat disease) — but they are also making some of the most complex wines we've had from our island. They have set the bar high!


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