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Bourgogne Rouge En Attendant Riaux 2019


A Wine That's

as juicy as juicy gets—but that doesn't mean it's not serious, too. It's like an electric violin at a classical music concert; upbeat and energetic, but it's still Mozart that's being played.

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  • Winemaker: Renaud Boyer
Bourgogne Rouge En Attendant Riaux 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE
Bourgogne Rouge En Attendant Riaux 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE
Bourgogne Rouge En Attendant Riaux 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE















Pinot Noir

Where and How?

Bourgogne ‘Les Riaux’ is organically farmed Pinot Noir planted on the famed limestone soils at the foot of the slopes of Puligny-Montrachet. So, although it bears the simple designate of bourgogne, this isn’t your average entry-level wine; it sits shoulder-to-shoulder with the finest terroirs of the region.
Fermentations for the red wines are always carried out with whole bunches, naturally, and are done infusion-style, meaning that he avoids pumpovers and punchdowns to extract the wine as little as possible. Instead, he simply moves the wine a little by hand, to ensure that the cap (the top layer of stems and berries that forms on the wine) stays wet, which he finds helps him to avoid bacterial problems. The maceration time usually lasts around three weeks, apart from in warmer vintages where he does shorter stints, as he says the skins of the grapes can sometimes be a bit burnt. By leaving the grapes in contact with the liquid for less time helps to avoid any of these flavours translating to the final wine.
Bottled unfined, unfiltered and without sulphites.

The Winemaker: Renaud Boyer

Tucked away in Meursault lies a humble cellar of a quiet, thoughtful man named Renaud. Renaud does things a little differently.
This is one of the most prestigious Burgundian villages; the wines of which reach some of the highest prices in the world. The norm here is to create wines of a certain style; a style which often utilises significant additions of sulphur to give them a straightjacket, precise feel.
Renaud, however, didn’t want to follow this recipe. His first vintage was in 2005, but after meeting Alsatian natural wine guru Patrick Meyer, he decided to start making wines without sulphur. He has never looked back.


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