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Young Guns of Burgenland — Wine Pack


A Trio That

allows you to peek through a keyhole that leads to the new world of wine. Austria (and its new generation of quality growers) has been at the forefront of the natural wine scene over the past few years. In this box, we bring you three of the most celebrated wineries of Burgenland, arguably the country's most progressive region. Michael Wenzel's Wild+Free Lockvogel is a wonderful skin contact orange wine,  literally like drinking sunshine in a glass. Next, we picked an insanely delicious pét-nat made by the Rennersistas. Think Disco vibes meets serious sparkling wine: this is Prince's Kiss in a bottle. Finally, a new interpretation of Claus Preisinger's favourite grape varieties: Blaufränkisch and Pinot Noir. Whack this in a cooler with some ice and get ready to quench your thirst. This is 'New School Burgenland' – Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

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Young Guns of Burgenland Box LITTLEWINE
Young Guns of Burgenland Box LITTLEWINE

3x Austria (Burgenland)


1x Sparkling
1x Orange
1x Red


3 bottles à 75cl


1x Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch
1x St. Laurent
1x Sauvignon Blanc, Gelber Muskateller

The Wines

Kalk + Kiesel Rot 2018

by Claus Preisinger — Austria, Burgenland

A wine that comes from Claus Preisinger's oldest vineyards, planted in the 1960s. Back then, no one would purely plant one variety but much rather have a mix of reds and whites to blend and enjoy as a daily drinking wine. Claus took this beautiful tradition and made it his own 'à la Claus' by picking fruit that is teemed with freshness and a Pinot esque elegance. It's a wine that plays between seasons — summery kicks of fresh raspberries joined by autumnal, misty tones of coolness. Tip: Put it in the fridge and drink it chilled to explore that extra layer of 'juice busters'.


Pét Nat 'In A Hell Mood' 2019

by Rennersistas — Austria, Burgenland

A wine that is giving you an energy boost sip after sip! Imagine hitting the dancefloor to your favourite tunes - that's how 'In A Hell Mood' makes us feel. It's an insanely delicious blush-colour-like Pet Nat that is bursting with forest berry flavours. Made of beautiful Sankt Laurent grapes by sisters Susanne, Stefanie and brother Georg, it's a wine of passion, friendship and pure deliciousness!


Wild + Free 'Lockvogel' 2019

by Michael Wenzel — Austria, Burgenland

A wine that is named after an 'invisible' decoy. It's a wine that reminds us of a tropical cocktail made by your trusted 'Master of Cocktail Ceremony', and finished with a sugar lacquered maraschino cherry. Michael Wenzel picked his best Muskateller and Sauvignon grapes and lightly mascerated them on the skins to bring out the most tempting aromas while adding a touch of 'grip' that makes the wine stand on its own feet. To us, this is a new era benchmark for the world of skin-contact wines!

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