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Pinot Moi, Çe Soir — Wine Pack


A Trio That

shows the unparalleled diversity of the Pinot grape (Noir, Gris and Blanc). We picked three of our current favourites that highlight these grapes' unique flavours, born from the varieties' ancient history. Perhaps the most unexpected is a skin-contact Pinot Gris, bottled by the Rennersistas from the Burgenland, Austria. Drinking their 'Grauburgunder' is a mindbending experience—it might taste like a light Pinot Noir with its classic forest fruits, but its shimmering pink colour and lipsmacking freshness raises more questions than it provides answers. Be prepared to think. Meanwhile, Rieffel's Pinot Blanc 'Granite' is like drinking from a mountain spring: think liquid rock infused with herbs and flowers. This is high energy white wine from one of the most celebrated European terroirs.  Finally, obviously, a Pinot package wouldn't be complete without the star of the show, Pinot Noir. Alwin and Stefanie Jurtschitsch are known for some of the best whites in Austria, but what they achieve with Pinot Noir is nothing short of world-class.

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Pinot Moi, Çe Soir? Box LITTLEWINE
Pinot Moi, Çe Soir? Box LITTLEWINE

1x Austria (Burgenland)
1x Austria (Kamptal)
1x France (Alsace)


1x White
1x Orange
1x Red


3 bottles à 75cl


1x Pinot Gris
1x Pinot Noir
1x Pinot Blanc

The Wines

Grauburgunder 2019

by Rennersistas — Austria, Burgenland

A wine that is as charming and full of energy as the Renner family members themselves. This is Pinot Gris left on the skins for just the right amount of time to lend the wine a natural bright amber colour, which comes from the bronze skins of the grapes. Do you like deeply coloured orange wines, but prefer fresher, more vibrant whites? Then you'll love the premiere 2019 vintage of this Grauburgunder from the sistas.


Pinot Noir 'Langenlois' 2017

by Alwin & Stefanie Jurtschitsch — Austria, Kamptal

A wine that reminds us that red wine can be just as refreshing as white wine. This is Pinot in its cool climate glory: full of raspberry, forest floor and sour cherry aromas, and that hallmark crunchy acidity. It's the ideal wine to serve ever-so-slightly cooler, for warm summer nights and BBQs outside. Make sure you get something from the herb garden, too: this is the ideal red wine for aromatic dishes.


Pinot Gris 'Granite' 2018

by Lucas Rieffel — France, Alsace

A wine that makes you wanna find an ice bucket and take this with you to the bathtub. Refreshing and stoney, this is the vinous equivalent of drinking water from a fresh spring, with a little twist of basil and fresh lime. It's a wine for resetting and invigorating the mind. .

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