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White, Orange & Red — Wine Pack


A Trio That

is almost too good to be a staple white/orange/red combo. We taste a lot of wine, but these three are always on our minds: reliable, exciting and delicious. First up, a white wine we cheekily call 'Viennese Chablis,' made by wonderwoman Jutta Ambrositsch within the city limits of Vienna. It's a local field blend bursting with saline citrus flavours, with a strong saline backbone. Second, from Alwin and Stefanie Jurtschitsch, their very own 'Mon Blanc:' a perfect skin contact orange wine that tastes like a pineapple daiquiri. Pair it with a rainbow of flavours: think sushi, Indian spices, or even British classics like fish and chips. Lastly, Rudolf Trossen's 'Rotwein' combines Pinot Noir and German Dornfelder grapes. This is a classic: think Freddie Mercury on stage in the 70s. Rudolf calls it the fun fair juice, and we think that's pretty spot on.

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Tricolore: White — Orange — Red Box LITTLEWINE
Tricolore: White — Orange — Red Box LITTLEWINE

1x Germany (Mosel)
1x Austria (Vienna)
1x Austria (Kamptal)


1x Red
1x White
1x Orange


3 bottles à 75cl


1x Pinot Noir, Dornfelder
2x Field Blend

The Wines

Rotwein 2018

by Rudolf Trossen — Germany, Mosel

A wine that according to Rudolf, comes from a vineyard already cultivated by the Romans. Dornfelder, Germany's native variety is blended with a touch of Pinot Noir and macerated for 14 days to allow a deep texture. If you are looking for a juicy companion for your day to day drinking pleasures you will love this little charmer!


Glockenturm 2016

by Jutta Ambrositsch — Austria, Vienna

A wine that in Marco's words (Jutta's husband): translates the winds of the woods of Vienna into wine: they create a toasty, almost resinous Gemischter Satz with the aroma of red forest fruits, edge-of-the-forest herbs, foliage and yellow fruits. Maiwipferl meets Lotte Tobisch, biting into quince jelly. 


Mon Blanc 2019

by Alwin & Stefanie Jurtschitsch — Austria, Kamptal

A wine that is as modern and old school as it gets - how’s that possible? Well, Alwin and Stefanie always had vineyards on their best sites in Kamptal planted with the lesser-known varieties of the area such as Weissburgunder and Muskateller however it never felt as if it was the wine they felt connected with - that changed when they decided to pick the vineyard as a whole - so meaning picking all their grapes including the classic Grüner and Riesling and co-ferment them and press them as a traditional field-blend as Alwin's grandfather would have done. To give some more flavour and character they left the juice to ferment on the skins for a couple of weeks with a gentle 'infusion‘ bringing out the best of every vintage. It’s a wonderfully floral and aromatic orange wine with a mineral backbone from its Kamptal roots. 

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