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Unicorns of the Universe — Wine Pack


A Trio That

features magical bottles from unique places. Triptyque is the ultimate introductory grower Champagne: a special blend of three vintages, three varieties and three soils, grown on Timothée Stroebel's organic soils in Champagne. This is vinous: deep and pure, it's like a textural white wine that just happens to feature bubbles. Thought you knew Champagne? Think again. Our second bottle is Rucantu, Aris Blancardi's one-of-a-kind skin fermented Pigato wines (an old variant of Vermentino). The wine is like a reflection of the sea – sun, the energy of the waves, sea salt... a Mediterranean paradise. Finally, a reborn classic from the iconic winemaker Sébastien Riffault, who has single-handedly reinvented the region of Sancerre and what Sauvignon Blanc is capable of. His 'Akmèniné' is a wonderful parcel of vines that expresses a singular flinty, stony character yet with a rumbling, rich power that is rarely found in the wines of this region. Drinking Sébastien's wines is like drinking a piece of modern art that you can't get enough of. 

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Unicorns of the Universe Box LITTLEWINE
Unicorns of the Universe Box LITTLEWINE

1x France (Champagne)
1x Italy (Liguria)
1x France (Loire)


1x Sparkling
1x White
1x Orange


3 bottles à 75cl


1x Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier & Chardonnay
1x Pigato
1x Sauvignon Blanc

The Wines

Champagne 'Tryptique'

by Timothée Stroebel — France, Champagne

A wine that bestows layers upon layers of flavours upon your palate. A triptych is a work of art that is divided into three sections; and this is a wine that comes from the three primary grapes of Champagne: it is Pinot Noir dominant, with Pinot Meunier and a splash of Chardonnay. In addition, it comes from three vintages: 2011, 2013 and 2014, and from three soil types; chalk, loam and clay. On first opening, it is tightwound, mineral, smoky and saline, with lime rind and cranberries. With a few minutes in the glass, it starts to open up and show its savoury side: thyme, juniper and bay leaves. It's a wine that keeps on giving, with new flavours emerging continually. Tasting this will explain to you in a single sip why grower Champagne can be so brilliant.


Pigato 'Rucantu' 2017

by Selvadolce (Aris Blancardi) — Italy, Liguria

A wine that comes from Heaven on Earth - literally - The Selvadolce farm is one of those places that you would think only exists in romantic Italy holiday movies or maybe in kitch holiday brochures - but in fact - it is simply one of the most incredible vineyards - filled with life and soul - that you could possibly come across. Rucantu is Aris Blancardi’s skin-fermented Pigato - the skin fermentation brings out a certain complexity rarely find in orange wines. To us, it is more or less sunshine in a glass. Pure joy for body and soul.


Sauvignon Blanc 'Akmèniné 2016

by Sébastien Riffault — France, Loire

A wine that is made like Sancerre back 100 years ago, long before the well-marketed grassy, cheap and cheerful style has been in the heads of many Sauvignon Blanc drinkers. Sebastien uses a small part of healthy noble rot grapes that add an immense complexity to his blends – think rich, deeply concentrated wild honey mixed with the most delicious key lime pie. 

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