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Bourgueil Avis de Vin Fort 2020 — Cabernet Franc


A Wine That

breaks the rules. Inspired by friends in Bordeaux who were making true clairet styles (deeply coloured rosé or light reds, whichever way you wanna look at it), Pierre decided to have a go at making his own version, Loire style. Nobody had done this before; this is a true trailblazer and is far too easy to drink - a carefree juicy red that will leave the whole room smiling.

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  • Winemaker: Catherine & Pierre Breton
Bourgueil Avis de Vin Fort 2020 — Cabernet Franc Wine LITTLEWINE















Cabernet Franc

Where and How?

This is a lightly macerated (around 4 days) Cabernet Franc produced from the Breton's biodynamic grapes.

The name “Avis de Vent Fort,” meaning strong winds are forecasted), is a play on words. Pierre is a keen sailer, and once went to head out on a boat with friends, but they drank too much before they ever set sail, so just stayed in the boat with bottles. It's supposed to suggest that if the weather is bad, just stay at the shore and drink wine! That's something we can prescribe to.

The Winemaker

When a bottle of Breton appears on the table in natural wine circles, everyone leans back and smiles. These are some of the most comforting and enjoyable wines out there. Their emblematic cuvée, La Dilettante, achieves many of the aspects we all dream about in a bottle of wine: namely drinkability (or scrap that, glugability) and fun.

The importance of fun in a bottle of wine cannot be underestimated: both the drinking of it, but also in the making of it. When we arrive at the Bretons’ cellar, it’s smiles all around. Likewise in the vineyard; picking might be quite a brutal task, but here it’s one that’s carried out with music blasting on the speakers and jokes being cracked. When we photograph Catherine and Pierre, Pierre grabs a bunch of grapes and stuffs them in Catherine’s face and they giggle, still youngsters in love at heart, 30 years since they began their mission together.

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