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Vouvray Brut Dilettante NV — Chenin Blanc


A Wine That

we always keep in the fridge for special occasions - birthdays, a great day at work, or even just because we feel like giving the middle finger to tough times life throws at us: celebrate good vibes instead. Think apple skin, a touch of salt and that hallmark mineral crunch. Get the corks a'poppin!

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  • Winemaker: Catherine & Pierre Breton
Vouvray Brut Dilettante NV — Chenin Blanc Wine LITTLEWINE















Chenin Blanc

Where and How?

This is biodynamically farmed Chenin Blanc from the flinty soils of Vouvray.

The whole bunches were pressed slowly, before fermenting naturally in tank. Aged for twelve months before the liqueur de tirage is added (traditional method style), and then for another eleven months. Minimal sulphites added.

The Winemakers

When a bottle of Breton appears on the table in natural wine circles, everyone leans back and smiles. These are some of the most comforting and enjoyable wines out there. Their emblematic cuvée, La Dilettante, achieves many of the aspects we all dream about in a bottle of wine: namely drinkability (or scrap that, glugability) and fun.

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