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Charlie Herring Spotswood 2010 — Shiraz

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A Wine That

is a rare release allowing you to peek into Tim Phillips' past. It feels as if it has a nostalgic, comforting purpose. This is a vinous hug—like one of your best friends resting their elbow on your shoulder.  It tastes like cocoa nibs and fresh plums, with that whisp of cedar and tobacco that good aged Shiraz does so well. It's a wine that was made for downtime: for lazy Sundays involving your bookshelf or classic films.

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  • Winemaker: Charlie Herring
Charlie Herring Spotswood Shiraz 2010 Wine LITTLEWINE

South Africa















Where and How?

This a rare old vintage release that lets you peek into a previous chapter of Tim Phillips' life: one that unfolded in South Africa.

It comes from a vineyard that Tim planted himself in 2006 on the Blaauklippen Road in the Golden Triangle of Stellenbosch (2.5 hectares Shiraz/0.5 hectares Durif). This site was managed organically from planting until Tim left in 2011 as the vineyard was sadly sold to new owners.

The grapes were destemmed into traditional open-top fermenters, after which natural yeasts turned the juice into wine. Punchdowns and pumpovers were carried out in a balanced manner to achieve the amount of extraction Tim was looking for. After fermentation, the wine was basket pressed and aged in old large and regular French oak barrels and aged for 22 months. Bottled unfined and unfiltered in February 2012. 

Only 3,722 bottles were made.

The Winemaker

​Charlie Herring is Tim Phillips. His father used to draw cartoons signed by a fictitious Charlie Herring, but throughout the years, the notion of Charlie Herring has become less fictitious and rather symbolic of a greater purpose in life. Therefore, Tim is Charlie, and you can be Charlie, too.⁣

He grew up in Hampshire—not far from where he has settled (somewhat by chance). One day in 2007 he was cycling to his parents’ house and stopped right by a sign advertising a walled garden for sale. He poked his head in and spoke to the owners, who revealed they had just been about to give up and take the sign down due to lack of interest. Was this coincidence or fate? Or was this Charlie Herring’s doing?⁣

This walled garden would become home to one acre of Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Chardonnay. It wasn’t so much a walled garden as it was a jungle at the time— having been sold off from the hotel next door in the 70s, it had fallen into marvellous disarray, with several centimetres of topsoil having regenerated over the Victorian tennis court bordering it, and trees and artichoke plants crawling over one another forming a tangled wilderness. It took him two days to get from one side to the other. ⁣
​⁣​But Tim wasn’t always a fully-fledged wine geek, Victorian greenhouse repairer and conservationist. How did he get here? Via Italy, South Africa and Australia.

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