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Negoska Carbonic 2019


A Wine That

is pure deliciousness, full stop. Are you a fan of juicy red wines with bags full of fruit, that smell like sunshine? Then this is for you. With gentle tannins and a silky texture, this feels like what we imagine it'd be like to go clubbing in silk pyjamas.

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  • Winemaker: Chatzivaritis Estate
Negoska Carbonic - 2019









Slightly chilled







Where and How?

This comes from the indigenous variety that is prized in the region of Goumenissa: Negoska. The vines were planted by Chloi's father and have been organically farmed since day one.
Her Negoska undergoes a “totally DIY” carbonic fermentation—she adds a touch of juice at the bottom of the tank to encourage CO2 production as quickly as possible, after which she seals the tank with nylon and has a heater by the side to get the temperature up. Rudimentary, perhaps, but the resulting wine is so astonishingly good that it’s evident this method was born from much thinking.

The Winemaker: Chatzivaritis Estate

Chloi Chatzivaryti has an aura of determination and sensitivity. As soon as she begins to speak, the room immediately falls quiet and you find yourself taking in—and hanging onto—every word.
Her energy is found in her wines. They tell a story of self-belief, trust in nature, and open-mindedness. Born from experiments, they are compelling and unlike any wines that Greece has seen before; beautiful in their rainbow shades of almond and nectar. And importantly, there’s not an off-flavour to be found. This is natural wine, Chloi style: pure, precise and moving.


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