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Himmel Auf Erden Rosé 2019


A Wine That

could easily make the hit list of the world's most iconic pink wines. Christian uses his love child grape Cabernet Franc for this wine as he loves the aromas that you get from it year after year. Over the years he developed a special technique of macerating the skins in different cycles which are blended and aged in big Austrian barrels for a minimum of 10 months. Drinking a 'Tschida Rosé' certainly gives you a respectful nod in New York's best wine bars but even more so brings you pure joy and excitement in your glass.

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  • Winemaker: Christian Tschida
Himmel Auf Erden Rosé - 2019















Cabernet Franc

Where and How?

The vineyards for this blend are mainly composed of schist and calcareous sediments.
The grapes are harvested on five different days for differing levels of ripeness. Macerated, then aged in large foudres. Bottled in early summer the following year.

The Winemaker: Christian Tschida

Christian Tschida is one of a kind. He might be renowned as one of the world's most cult natural winemakers, but when it comes down to it, he'd prefer not to talk about wine at all — rather art. For that's how to describe Christian's wines — these are playful-yet-serious interpretations of what Mother Nature gives him. His grapes are like watercolour, acrylic and graffiti interchanged from year to year.


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