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Gisele 2018 — White Blend


A Wine That

ain't your average white Bordeaux. This is all about freshness and liveliness: a beach party kinda wine—or if you're not near the beach, then a picnic party wine. Think refreshing lime juice, salt and white blossom. A wine for R&B instead of classical music.

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  • Winemaker: Closeries des Moussis
Gisele 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE















Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Gris

Where and How?

This is organically tended Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle and Sauvignon Gris from Blaignac, planted on clay-limestone soils.

The wine was fermented naturally and aged for eight months in their giant, 100-year-old sandstone vessel that they bought from a winemaker in Cognac. The wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The Winemaker

This duo proves that you can make fine Bordeaux, skin contact whites, pét-nat and piquette all under the same roof.⁣ When you think of Bordeaux, it’s likely you think of two things in particular: Châteaux, and garage winemakers. The latter is the term used to describe the smaller winemakers who emerged particularly on the right bank in the 90s, or earlier in the case of Le Pin. These wines, however, quickly rose to iconic status and the garage terminology actually turned out to be a paradox: this was something far more glamorous and the wines have reached dizzying prices. However, there do exist *actual* garagiste winemakers: winemakers who do everything themselves - from farming, to winemaking, to bottling - in actual garages. ⁣
​One of the first couples to work in this manner in the region was Michel and Stéphanie Theron. They were leased an incredibly rare parcel of ancient vines by a kind neighbour who believed in their artisanal values and future as vignerons. Today, they believe it is important to pass it on, to allow other winemakers who don’t come from Château families to begin working in the region. On meeting Laurence and Pascale, they decided it was time to part ways with the beloved parcel and to pass on the lease to this young couple, to allow them to launch their dreams. Over the past decade, the duo has been able to find more parcels to work with, all of which they tend by hand with biodynamic preparations they make themselves at their cellar. All vineyard work is carried out by their plough horse, Jumpa, not tractor, meaning the soils are looked after as gently as possible. The wines are made naturally, with only the smallest touch of SO2

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