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Susucaru Rosso 2017


A Wine That

is an introduction to the unique Etna terroir, giving you a glimpse into the captivating Cornelissen world. Fresh and generous, with cherry and strawberry notes, this may be Frank's "entry-level" cuvée, but it retains the ever-present mineral touch of his wines. This is a dinner party wine for sparking conversation.

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  • Winemaker: Frank Cornelissen
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Mount Etna














Nerello Mascalese

Where & How?

Susucaru Rosso is the new name for the Contadino cuvée. It is produced from 50+-year-old vines of 85% Nerello Mascalese, the remainder being Nerello Capuccio, Allicante Boushet, Minella and Uva Francesa. This is Frank's answer to the traditional Etna blend, providing an overall glimpse into Etna terroir.

Susucaru means “they have swallowed it, or they have greedily eaten or drunk it.” However, it also has a negative sense, meaning “they have stolen it.” This refers to a vintage where one of the pickers shouted the word on arrival at a vineyard to harvest and discovering that the grapes had all been stolen: Etna is still a bit 'wild west.'

The grapes were destemmed and crushed gently by foot, fermenting naturally in contact with the skins for an extraordinary 60 days. The wine was then aged in large neutral epoxy tanks. Gently filtered and bottled with no sulphur. 

The Winemaker

Belgian-born Frank was so shocked by a blind tasting of an Etna wine, which he was convinced was fine Piemonte, that he uprooted his life and moved to live on the volcano in 1999. His bottles have been championed for two decades in the natural wine scene, but Frank’s quest isn't about making a certain style. His ultimate goal is to allow his vineyards to best express themselves in a bottle of wine, and over the years his personal winemaking path has meandered to bring him to where he is today, and it will continue to meander for the rest of his life.

For him, making wine is an evolutionary experience. He is not afraid to say what he thinks; he is always brutally honest; with others, too, but with none so much as with himself. This means that any winemaking philosophy he may have at a given moment in time will happily be shoved out of the window in the name of quality. He is a man on a one-way street to facilitate purity.

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