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Saint-Joseph Blanc 'Le Pitrou' 2019


A Wine That

consistently comes up in conversation when we discuss 'natural wine' and 'fine wine' in the same sentence. This is about as beautiful as white wine gets, for us. We won't ruin the experience for you by trying - and failing - to describe it ourselves, just trust us on this one. A wine for the angels.

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  • Winemaker: Dard & Ribo
Saint-Joseph Blanc 'Le Pitrou' - 2019

Northern Rhône















Where and How?

This is 100% Roussanne from a tiny 0.3 hectare plot, planted on sand and granite.
The grapes are whole cluster pressed, then the juice is transferred to old 600L barrels where it ferments naturally and ages. Bottled unfined, unfiltered and with just a touch of sulphites.

The Winemaker: Dard & Ribo

René-Jean Dard and François Ribo are the Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson of the wine world. Since the 80s, they’ve been fighting for a more sustainably farmed Northern Rhône, while also fighting off the villains trying to steal their vineyards (yes, really).
It’s been one very long uphill battle to get where they are today: selling all of their wine preallocated to some of the most renowned restaurants in the world. As we stand and chat with René-Jean, the phone rings twice from trade customers interested in buying their wines. He politely lets them down—there’s none for sale. This happens every day.
So how did these two quiet guys in overalls with ponytails become two of the most iconic natural winemakers in the world?


Explore the Story of Dard & Ribo

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