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Baliverne 2018 — Grolleau


A Wine That

embodies euphoria—in wine format. This is so juicy and full of life that it just makes you smile on first sip; and shouldn't that really be the goal of wine? It makes you want to whack on I Feel Love by Donna Summer and wiggle around the room; maybe dim the lights a bit. It's a wine that's all about energy. Serve it cool to heighten its boosting properties.

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  • Winemaker: Deboutbertin
Baliverne 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE
















Where & How?

This is from a 0.75 ha of 60-year-old Grolleau vines (an indigenous black variety from the Loire), planted on schist and quartz soils. Farmed biodynamically by Stéphanie, Vincent and their horses.

The grapes were sorted in the vineyard to select the healthiest whole clusters. They were then foot stomped, after which the juice and the berries macerated together for fifteen days, and fermentation began naturally. As with all their wines, this was bottled unfined, unfiltered and without sulphur: this is just fermented grape juice.

The Winemaker

Stéphanie Debout and Vincent Bertin (hence Deboutbertin) met at university while studying engineering. They moved to Paris, but quickly became disillusioned with city life and pined for the countryside. One of their friend’s fathers, Jean-Philippe Fichet, is a winemaker in Burgundy, and on a trip to visit him they became entranced by his passion for the craft of winemaking. ⁣That was that. They decided to go and do a vintage with a winemaker in the Loire in 2011 to test the waters, and in Stéphanie’s words, it was love at first sight. They had fallen for the vigneron life. By 2012, they had handed in their resignation notices, bought a house and a vineyard, and signed up for winemaking school. ⁣
For them, the most important thing is the overall health of their vineyards. This has brought them to agroforestry, and they now interplant their vineyards with trees. In doing so, they break the monocultural mould of the vineyard, instead creating an area in which other species of plants can thrive.⁣ This is a young couple who demonstrate vinous minimalism in the best way possible. These are pure wines of soul that have nothing added, nothing taken away. They speak of healthy vineyards, healthy people and a love for nature. People often debate what natural wine is; well, it doesn’t get more natural than this.⁣

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