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Fleurie 'Charbonnières' 2018


A Wine That

is just as romantic as the tale of how these two winemakers met. There's a kind of underlying wilderness here - wild herbs and a moreish, sappy edge, which could be a result of the vineyard's proximity to the forest. If you're into forest bathing like us, you'll love this wine. If only we could bathe in this bottle!

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  • Winemaker: Domaine Chapel
Fleurie 'Charbonnières' 2018 Wine LITTLEWINE













Pink Granite



Where and How?

This comes from a parcel of vines located in an amphitheatre looking down across Beaujolais. Surrounded by forest on three sides, the Chapels reckon this influences the microflora and fauna that dwell here; resulting in a distinct flavour profile year on year that's hard to put your finger on, but definitely reminiscent of forest! The soils are pink granite and the vines are 40+-years-old, some verging on 80.

All of the Chapel wines are made in the same style; carbonic maceration is carried out very gently (only wetting the cap when necessary), the wine is naturally fermented and aged in fibreglass. Bottled unfined and unfiltered, with minimal sulphites.

The Winemaker: Domaine Chapel

This is the kind of love story which really should be turned into a novel.
Michele, one of New York’s most respected sommeliers, was visiting one of her favourite regions—Beaujolais—to taste with growers. David, the son of 3 Michelin-starred chef Alain Chapel, had also become smitten with Beaujolais and was working with the iconic natural wine domaine, Lapierre, where Michele was due to taste. However, she was running late, and Matthieu Lapierre had an appointment elsewhere, so David offered to step in.
The rest is history; long story short Michele never really returned to the US, and the two settled in an old stone house in the Juliénas Cru, rented vineyards, bought a dog, had beautiful twins and a gorgeous little boy. Life goals, right!?
It's thanks to growers such as young couple, Michele & David, that the region is experiencing a rebirth, and the future is brighter than it’s ever been.


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