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Tonnerre de Grès 2018


A Wine That

has a similar pine cone-esque character to its red friend "Autrement"by Marie & Florian, but it's a little more about saline and umami flavours; you can almost feel the crunchy texture of sea salt on your tongue. As such, it's an amazing friend to seafood — smoked salmon and dill blinis, anyone?

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  • Winemaker: Domaine Curtet
Tonnerre de Grès - 2018
















Where and How?

This is a blend of the classic white Savoyard white varieties, Jacquère & Altesse, which are indigenous to the area.
After being hand harvested, the grapes made the short trip to the winery where they were pressed directly (classic white wine style). Then, the juice fermented naturally and was aged for nine months in concrete to preserve its fresh aromas.

The Winemaker: Domaine Curtet

“Working our vineyards on foot as we do is not easy. The slopes are steep… We climb the equivalent of Mont Blanc every single week,” Marie explains, shrugging simply, as she holds a cup of coffee in one hand, her other arm wrapped affectionately around her little girl, Lily, her little blonde head nestled into her mother’s shoulder.
Florian emerges from his afternoon nap, hair tousled. He’s been up since 4am, as he is every single day of the growing season leading up to harvest. He smiles and yawns, stretches, reaches out for Lily. They both look like human gazelles, so honed, slim and muscular. Then again — we’d all look like that if we climbed almost 5,000 metres every single week, wouldn’t we?


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