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Lezèr — Teroldego 2021


A Wine That

we can only describe as gluggable deliciousness, but with a serious side too — not just fun and games. Think raspberry sorbet with a twist of wild herbs — like a fancy desert that plays with sweet and savoury elements, minus the sugar. Serve it chilled, and you'll be longing for the next sip within seconds.

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  • Winemaker: Foradori
Lezèr 2021 Wine LITTLEWINE









Slightly chilled







Where and How?

This is the latest project from Foradori to showcase a light, easy-drinking, crunchy side to their indigenous variety (and pride and joy), Teroldego (with a tiny amount of Lagrein and Merlot, also). It's also their playground wine of sorts — every year it contains new experiments; new vessels; different periods of maceration time and some stem inclusion.
The wine ferments naturally, and is aged for a shorter period of time (around four months) to preserve a fruity, lighter character.

The Winemaker: Foradori

Elisabetta Foradori is an institution in herself. A winemaking powerhouse. The OG keeper of the Teroldego grape, Elisabetta not only took over the Foradori estate at the age of 19, but also began to question the monoculture mindset of the region—preserving not only her family’s business but, perhaps more importantly, the Teroldego variety which had been subjected to the fate of high-yielding clones and bulk production. Her research and thoughtfulness led her to preserve (and diversify) the variety, as well as broaden its genetic profile. This was somewhat revolutionary in a region where vine growth was mostly focused on volume, and very little else.
It’s clear to us that Elisabetta’s intuitive nature is genetic – passed down from her grandparents and father, and on to her children. These days, Foradori is a family affair. In recent years, Elisabetta was joined by sons Emilio and Theo (who LITTLEWINE spoke to for this article) and daughter Myrtha. They now help to run the estate and have brought to the table, as Elisabetta did back in 1984, a fresh perspective on biodynamics and permaculture, which enables the winery to keep on evolving—just as it has done since 1934.
In 2008, Elisabetta, inspired by Sicilian winemaker friend Giusto Occhipinti, began to experiment with winemaking in clay; more specifically, the amphorae known as ‘tinajas’ made by the iconic Spanish potter, Juan Padilla. Fast forward to 2020, and there are over 200 amphorae lining the walls of the winery, as well as the traditional foudres and barrels. The beauty of these vessels is that they provide different evolutionary opportunities for the wines. It’s as much about capturing the energy of the wine as it is about letting the wine be; to become its own entity.


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