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Munjebel Bianco 2019


A Wine That

quite simply doesn't taste like any other white wine on Planet Earth. This is all about the savoury, umami side to white wine — think chamomile, dried hay, dandelion and even a splash of salty soy sauce. A food wine, and a very versatile one at that — try this with several dishes and marvel at how it reveals differing flavours in the glass.

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  • Winemaker: Frank Cornelissen
Munjebel Bianco - 2019















Grecanico Dorato

Where and How?

Frank Cornelissen has been on a rollercoaster ride with all of his wines, but perhaps none as much as for his white wine. He explains,
"Our first white wine started out as an orange wine, fermented with the skins for an extended period. I liked the tactile feeling and density, but missed the finesse and precision of the classic French white wines from for example the Loire. With the vintage 2015 I changed our technique to search for the purity and flavors of Etna which evolved in maintaining a short period of skin contact and aging our white wines for an extended period in the coldest part of our cellar before bottling. The obtained elegance, purity and density makes this wine very suited to accompany a wide variety of dishes and cuisine, from fish to white meat."
The grapes are destemmed and lightly crushed, after which they macerate with the juice for three days. The wine then ages in neutral epoxy tanks from 1500 liters to 4500 liters for about 16 months, before being bottled unfined, lightly filtered and lightly sulfited.

The Winemaker: Frank Cornelissen

Frank Cornelissen is a winemaker whose bottles have been championed for two decades in the natural wine scene, but Frank’s quest isn't about making a certain style. His ultimate goal is to allow his vineyards to best express themselves in a bottle of wine, and over the years his personal winemaking path has meandered to bring him to where he is today, and it will continue to meander for the rest of his life. For him, making wine is an evolutionary experience.
He is not afraid to say what he thinks; he is always brutally honest; with others, too, but with none so much as with himself. This means that any winemaking philosophy he may have at a given moment in time will happily be shoved out of the window in the name of quality. He is a man on a one-way street to facilitate purity.


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