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Rózsa Petsovits 2020 — Dark Rosé


A Wine That

bridges perceptional borders by blending Syrah grapes from Hungary with Zweigelt and Pinot Noir grapes from Austria. It's a wine that reminds you of rhubarb strudel  the scent that metaphorically transports you to your grandmother's kitchen, exploring old recipes, secretly licking some dough off the bowl, and snacking on freshly picked sour cherries from the garden. That continuous play between rich flavours and fresh fruit makes it an incredibly energetic and ever-evolving wine with a deep character that's waiting to be discovered.

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  • Winemaker: Franz Weninger
Rozsa Petsovits 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE

Hungary, Sopron
Austria, Burgenland














Pinot Noir

Where and How?

Rózsa Petsovits was born in 1921 in Horitschon/Hungary, in the same year Horitschon came to Austria. Burgenland's history is of German-speaking Hungary, so in a similar way, Franz tries to create a wine that is without borders: biodynamically farmed Syrah grown on gneiss in Hungary coming together with Zweigelt and Pinot Noir from limestone in Austria. 

The grapes were hand harvested and the wine fermented naturally, spending ten days in large wooden fermenters, after which it was aged for eight months on the lees. Bottled unfiltered and without sulphur. 

The Winemaker

Franz is a winemaker who follows his nose. His winemaking and farming methods are modified and adapted every year and evolve continuously, in tandem with the development of his thoughts and mindset. He emphasises that the end to his agricultural and vinous education is nowhere in sight. This is part of what Franz loves about winemaking: the cultural journey. 

Some notions, however, stay the same for him. Firstly, he has defended the indigenous grape varieties of Austria and Hungary since he took over the family estate in the late 90s. He believes that he should champion his local heritage, and that this is the way to build a bridge from the past to the future. Secondly, in the face of global warming, he believes the answer - and the solution - lies in farming. 

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