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Pét Nat Rosé 2020 — Zweigelt & Cabernet Sauvignon


A Wine That

makes you wanna boogie to Night Fever. This is soulful sparkling wine - it has everything you want from a great rosé - raspberries, beaming acid and a mineral touch - but it goes even deeper than that. There's oomph here; a rumbling energy with a textural element, all while remaining elegant. 

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  • Winemaker: Fuchs und Hase
Pét Nat Rosé 2020 — Zweigelt & Cabernet Sauvignon Wine LITTLEWINE





Sparkling, Rosé










Cabernet Sauvignon

Where and How?

This is a collaboration between Stefanie and Alwin Jurtschitsch and Anna and Martin Arndorfer. Both were inspired and excited by the notion of making natural sparkling wines, so joined forces to do so together. Since 2014, they have produced several editions each year from their organic vineyards.

This is a cofermentation of Cabernet Sauvignon and Zweigelt. It was bottled while still fermenting naturally, unfined, unfiltered, without sulphur, and left to finish their fermentation in bottle - creating bubbles.

The Project

"In 2012, when we were making a Gruner Brut Nature, Stefanie went to the barrel during fermentation and just bottled I rethink 300 bottles, during fermentation, and closed them with a crown crap - just to see if the natural first fermentation would succeed in the bottle. It was one of hundreds of trials, we have a room for trials that’s filled with bottles! We put it there and there was too much to do, so we never checked them. Two years later, I really needed to get away from Austria - it can be a bit narrow at times - I needed some inspiration. So, I called my friend James Erskine in the Adelaide Hills and asked him, Hey, I want to buy a ticket and come to you to help for the harvest.” He said sure thing, and so a week later I was in the Adelaide Hills and harvest started.  One day, he said we need to bottle pét-nat. I was like… okay, interesting. Tell me more. I had honestly never heard of pét-nat before! I rang Stefanie and said, hey, guess what we did today? We did petnat! Stephanie had also never heard about it, but we realised - this is the same thing we did two years ago. So, I asked her to go and find one of those bottles and to open it."

- Alwin Jurtschitsch

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