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Himmel Auf Erden Rosé — Cabernet Franc 2020


A Masterpiece And

probably one of Christian's signature wines. The 'Himmel Auf Erden' Rosé is a testament to his favourite red grape variety, Cabernet Franc — some say it's like '30 shades of Cabernet Franc'. Forget the colour though, as this is a wine that pairs with ethnic cuisine at the same time counts as one of our favourite 'all-year-round-aperitivos'.

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  • Winemaker: Christian Tschida
Himmel Auf Erden Rosé — Cabernet Franc - 2020













Mica Schist


Cabernet Franc

Where and How?

This wine was grown on various parcels of Cabernet Franc just outside of Purbach, Burgenland. The soils are characterised by the 'Leithaberg' hills — mainly shell limestone, quartz and schist towards the upper hillside. Christian picks his grapes in small buckets and in multiple rounds (the earlier he picks the more maceration, the later he picks the less he macerates) very early in the morning to retain freshness in the grapes until they arrive in the winery. There, the fruit is macerated and subsequently pressed with his pneumatic press that applies a 'hand shake' type pressure, only extracting the most delicate parts of the juice. His wines are then aged in large wooden casks usually starting with 1000L all the way to 3000L+ barrels. After a minimum of 10 months the wines are bottled without filtration and little to none addition of SO2.

The Winemaker: Christian Tschida

Christian Tschida is one of a kind. He might be renowned as one of the world's most cult natural winemakers, but when it comes down to it, he'd prefer not to talk about wine at all — rather art. For that's how to describe Christian's wines — these are playful-yet-serious interpretations of what Mother Nature gives him. His grapes are like watercolour, acrylic and graffiti interchanged from year to year.


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